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Estonian Biocentre - Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology | University of Tartu
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology - developing field and has become the most important establishment providing a good level of education in Estonia.
Human Germline Engineering
This site offers a unique compliation of opinion and commentary from specialists around the world on the scientific, social and ethical implications of altering the genes we pass to our children. But the site is designed for non-specialists!!!
Human Genome Project
The human genomic research programme at The Sanger Centre encompasses mapping, sequencing, and structural and functional interpretation. A general overview of the human genome project is available - for advanced readers.
National Geographics magazines
"Secrets of the gene" in the Oktober 1999 - partially dedicated to genetics. “The technology of mapping DNA is actually quite visually boring. That’s been the challenge of this story.”
National Human Genome Research Institute
(HGP) is an international research effort to characterize the genomes of human and selected model organisms through complete mapping and sequencing of their DNA, to develop technologies for genomic analysis, to examine the ethical, legal, and social implications of human genetics research, and to train scientists who will be able to utilize the tools and resources developed through the HGP to pursue biological studies that will improve human health. Also there is NEW GOALS FOR THE U.S. HUMAN GENOME PROJECT 1998 - 2003. Make sure You visit this site!
deCode Genetics
Iceland, deCODE genetics is a population-based genomics company conducting research into the inherited causes of common diseases. deCODE operates one of the most technologically advanced, high-throughput genotyping laboratories in the world. Together with pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare institutions, deCODE aims to utilize its research to develop new methods for identifying, treating and preventing diseases.
The home page of MANNVERND - the organized opposition to the Icelandic government's Act on a Health Sector Database (HSD). MANNVERND believes that this Act infringes on human rights, personal privacy, and on accepted medical, scientific and commercial standards.
Human Genome Project Information
Explore this site for information about the U.S. and worldwide Human Genome Project and also examine the ethical, legal and social issues about genotyping. Very good for common reader!
USA National Bioethics Advisory Commission
The National Bioethics Advisory Commission shall advise, consult with, and make recommendations to the National Science and Technology Council, chaired by the President; Federal agencies; and other appropriate entities, and also make available to the public the Commission's advice and recommendations. The Commission's purview includes the appropriateness of departmental, agency, or other governmental programs, policies, assignments, missions, guidelines, and regulations as they relate to bioethical issues arising from research on human biology and behavior, and applications, including the clinical applications, of that research. The Commission shall identify broad, overarching principles to govern the ethical conduct of research, citing individual projects only as illustrations for such principles. The Commission shall not be responsible for the review and approval of individual projects.
National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics
NCHPEG is a national effort to promote health professional education and access to information about advances in human genetics. 5/3/99 News... Steering Committee Meeting Conference Calls & Agenda Summaries Feedback... Submit Urls here. Submit Comments here. NCHPEG members are an interdisciplinary group of leaders from approximately 100 diverse health professional organizations, consumer and voluntary groups, government agencies, private industry, managed care organizations, and genetics professional societies.
A World of Genetic Societies
A World of Genetics Societies!
The DNA Learning Center
Annual Reports - A collection of the DNA Learning Center's annual reports, starting in 1995. DNA Learning Center Mission Statement - The DNALC's official mission statement, approved by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees. Staff - Brief profiles of the individuals who make up the DNALC staff. Corporate Advisory Board - Information on the DNALC's Corporate Advisory Board Statistics - Examine the site visitor statistics for our site. Employment - Opportunities to work at DNALC
The Alliance of Genetic Support Groups, Inc.
This is a nonprofit tax exempt organization founded in 1986 as a national coalition of consumers, professionals and genetic support groups to voice the common concerns of children, adults and families living with, and at risk for, genetic conditions. The Alliance builds partnerships among consumers and professionals and the private and public sectors to promote optimum healthcare and enhanced quality of life for individuals identified with genetic conditions.
Genetic Interest Group
The Genetic Interest Group (GIG) is a national alliance of organisations with a membership of over 120 charities which support children, families and individuals affected by genetic disorders. Its primary goal is to promote awareness and understanding of genetic disorders so that high quality services for people affected by genetic conditions are developed and made available to all who need them
GeneClinics is a medical knowledge base relating genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of individuals and families with specific inherited disorders.
Information for Genetic Professionals
Information for genetic professionals at the University of Kansas Medical Center is updated regularly with clinical, research, and educational resources for genetic counselors, clinical geneticists, and medical geneticists.
WIRED News - Genetics Scandal Inflames Iceland
Icelanders are accusing their government of taking huge payments from the company licensed to create a genetic database of the country's entire population. Although trading money for influence is nothing new, critics are reacting harshly at least partly because the information involved is so sensitive. Then there's the matter of the government accepting money from deCODE Genetic, a biotech firm, even as it's trying to pass a genetics bill.
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
There You can read about those terms like: DNA, Gene, Gene Mapping, Genome, Mode Organism Research, The Human Genome Project. - good for a common reader! 
SIGNALS Magazine
The online magazine of biotechnology industry analysis.
Nature Genome Gateway
Latest Genome News: Special News Report on the HGP. This special report from Nature's news team is freely available. 
Biotechnology Industry Organisation
This is the US Biotechnology Industry Organization infopage, where You can find common information about biotechnology industry. Also there are mant interesting links and pretty good overview about genomics.
DNA Sciences 
Spearheaded by DNA Sciences and its team of leading geneticists, The Gene Trust project is a study of the genetics of disease. Our goal is to speed up the rate of medical discovery, so we can see better diagnostics and treatments within 5 years. 
Genome News Network (GNN)
The Genome News Network (GNN) is an online, multimedia source of news about genome research, genomic medicine, agriculture, and related science policy from around the world. News feeds are updated daily and a new edition of GNN comes out every Friday. GNN is an editorially independent publication of Celera Genomics.
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