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Updated: 18.01.02Eesti keelesEesti keeles

The events that followed the visit of the President of Estonia to the official opening of Citrina Laboratory in Tartu have led to several new initiatives in promoting the development of modern gene technology in Estonia. The establishment of the Estonian Genome Foundation can be considered one of the most important undertakings at this point of time. In the light of growing interest towards the applications of modern gene technology as well as molecular medicine, and the number of people declaring their wish to become a founding member of the Estonian Genome Foundation, we trust the establishment of this foundation to be both anticipated and necessary initiative.

" … when I was a student, I associated the name of Tartu with the life of the mind, with openness to the rest of the world, with custodianship of the values and traditions of the great university… … Even during those days when this was a closed town and a closed country, it remained open to the world and kept alive the flame of knowledge in a number of areas: genetics, semiotics and study of literature…
Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of the State of the US Extract from Strobe Talbotts speech delivered at the Town Hall in Tartu on 23 January 2000.

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Gene Technology Forum 2001

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